Holy Trinity Congregation

Vision Youth Group

Hi! Vision is a group run by a few of us churchgoers! Don’t worry we are all “normal”, no two heads or anything strange! The group is for any young person aged 10 years & in Year 6 at school or older.

We meet once every two weeks on a Friday evening for a variety of activities and events. Some evenings are spent in the Trinity Community Centre (next to the church) where we do anything from badminton & table tennis to Minecraft evenings to craft evenings preparing for the Christmas tree festival. These evenings usually involve a pizza supper!

Other evenings we may be out and about, for example we occasionally walk across the fields to Scholes and through the woods towards the remains of the Roman villa and back again! Some people bring their dogs (or their neighbours!) along too!

Sometimes we go out so we can do activities like rock climbing, laser quest, ten pin bowling, swimming, etc.

Other evenings we will go out to the cinema, for a meal or even a trip to the pantomime! Oh yes we do!

And last but not least we occasionally do something for someone else! For example we go carol singing just before Christmas at Wesley & Flanders Court in their Community Room. We also fill shoeboxes for the annual Operation Christmas Child – where we wrap the boxes and fill them with items from church goers or bought from donations from others so children get at least one gift each Christmas.

We are always glad to receive suggestions for new activities and even happier to meet new young people. If you think Vision might be something you are interested in, please ask a parent or carer to call me on 07931740071. You can come and check out without obligation!

Donna Crookes

Youth Minister & Leader