Sunday Services

picture of church made out of people

You are very welcome to come to any of the services, events and activities at Holy Trinity Church.  The regular weekly morning service include: 1st Sunday monthly “Family Worship” at 10am – for all the family -6.00pm – Holy Communion

Other Sundays during the month: 10am – Holy Communion (with Sunday Clubs for children) 6pm – Evening Service – a more traditional service, worship, praise & teaching

If you know of anyone who would appreciate a recording of the morning service delivering to their door please let Colin know. This may be short term whilst someone is ill, or long term. The service is now recorded on a CD.

Upcoming services

Sunday 20th May - Pentecost

Monday 21st May

Tuesday 22nd May

Sunday 27th May - Trinity Sunday

Monday 28th May

Tuesday 29th May

Sunday 3rd June

Monday 4th June

Tuesday 5th June

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